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Andy’s innovative Baby Boomer Magic show has a ton of humor and Magic. His show is age-appropriate and his humor is very clean.  The Comedy in the show is rated G or PG, depending on the client’s demands.  Andy customizes his appearances for his shows in several different ways, including creating fun Magic illusions and Mentalism for your party. During his magic shows, everyone will be on the edge of their seats during my 30 to 45-minute performance.

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Andy Peters

Bringing Friends and Neighbors Together with his Innovative Magic Shows

People of all age groups will enjoy Andy's magic show. Both kids and grandparents will be mesmerized by his Magic. You and your family will be able to experience some of the Magic at home in the palm of your hands.

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Experience the Most Incredible Family Virtual Magic Shows

Whether it be a 70 birthday party, a 50 wedding anniversary, a neighborhood gathering, or a holiday party, your friends and neighbors will love Andy’s Magic show. In addition to my fun Magic, his show includes comedy and is hilariously funny.

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Have the Best Party

Having consulted with his mentor Jeff McBride and David Copperfield on his Magic show, Andy knows what it takes to have a successful show. Everyone loves his magic shows. They will make your friends and neighbors incredibly happy. Andy will use many of your friends as his assistants during his shows. Andy’s show is rated G or PG-13, depending on the demands of the clients.

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Andy's shows are fun for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. He has been fortunate to have some wonderful clients who were very happy with my work and gave me excellent reviews and testimonials. Andy has a 5-star rating on Google.